It all started when…

Jenna reached out to me on Instagram to talk about possibly doing some engagement photos with her hunky fiancé-Stefan. A few days later we got on the phone together and instantly connected. She told me her love story with Stefan and details of their engagement and we started to brain storm ideas. I had been wanted to visit the Glamis Sand Dunes forever- there is something so romantic about those naked golden hills that just seem to go on forever- so it was my first suggestion to Jenna...She was in disbelief. 


She went on to tell me that they had always dreamed of doing their engagement photos in the desert, but didn't think i'd be up for traveling so far so she wasn't even going to mention it! Ahh!! Just so everyone knows- I am ALWAYS down for a good adventure! We both hung up amped on the idea. 


We scheduled the shoot for about a month after our call. In that time my sweet sweet family gifted me a mentor session with my all-time photog idol India Earl for my birthday. (Yes, I have the best family and husbabe in the world) The mentor session landed on the week after we had planned to go to Glamis. I knew it was going to take my game to a whole other level, so I asked Jenna+Stefan if they would be okay pushing off the shoot until I was back. Of course since they're cool AF they said yes. 


I learned SO much from India and I'm so glad I could put my new techniques to use on such a rad couple. We hoped in Stefan's jeep around 5am (I've never seen more beautiful humans at that hour of the morning) and enjoyed the scenic route through rocky winding roads out to Glamis. 


Right when we got there my first thought was "I can't wait to come back here." It was a magical day. There is nothing better to me than being in a magnificent place and connecting with real, authentic, beautiful people. And these two are. Inside and out.


The dunes are sooo amazing, but keep in mind that you will get a full on workout coming here. Apparently marching up and down gigantic sand mounds is kinda tough -- especially when the sun is beating down on you by 8am. But these two crushed it. They even rolled around in the sand for me a few times. Im proud to know them and call them friends. Congrats guys!!!!